Suunnistusviikko – Orienteringsvecka – Orienteering Week

15.-20.7.2018 Seinäjoki – Lapua

Yhteistyössä – I samarbete med – In cooperation with


Fin5 Orienteering Week in Seinäjoki region, Western Finland in 15th to 20th July 2018 (Sun-Fri). Note, that the Swedish Orienteering Week (O-ringen 2018) starts on Sunday 22nd July 2018  in Örnsköldsvik. Consequently, participation to both Fin5 2018 and O-ringen 2018 is possible.


 Fin5 Orienteering Week is one of the most popular orienteering events in Finland. It has been organized since 1984. Every year Fin5 gathers thousands of orienteers to enjoy their enthusiasm. Fin5 is not just an orienteering week – it is also a holiday week with many activities for orienteering families.


All four terrains orienteering competitions will be organized from one Arena (Virpimäki, 10km from Seinäjoki and Lapua city centers). Previously, in this area has been arranged for example national night-orienteering championship. The terrain is an easy-to-go and varying South Ostrobothnian terrain.

Sprint competitions will be organized next to Seinäjoki down town.


 There is a large selection of different types of accommodation available for holidaymakers from leisure cottages to hotels and from school accommodation to caravan accommodation. See more on Accommodation pages.


Fin5 2018 consist of five competitions; four traditional terrain orienteering competitions and one sprint competition.


Seinäjoki ja Lapua. See more…

Orienteering ja Holiday Week 2018!



Fin5 Orienteering Week offer pleasant orienteering in easy-to-go terrain. Sprint orienteering competition (Competition Day 4.) is mainly in central park.


Leisure activities

For leisure time Fin5 2018 offer lots of activities for families. More information later.

Fin5 2011, Lohja

Unique Fin5

Fin5 2018 will be unique Orienteering Week. Cooperation with Fin5 there will be World University Orienteering Championship (WUOC 2018). WUOC 2018 is organized by Kuortane Olympic Training Center. Few WUOC competition will be organized simultaneously with Fin5 competitions. See more: WUOC2018 home page.


Change to some incorrect information… Prizegiving ceremony: Days 3 and 4 Seinäjoki Swimming and Sport Center (Uimahalli-Urheilutalo) on Thu 19th July at 4.30 PM. Address:…

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Weather forecast promises a fair amount of heat for the entire Fin5 2018 orienteering week. Awesome! Remember to drink enough. The competition center has a…

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