Competition info

Fin5 2018 consist of five competitions; four traditional forest orienteering competitions and one sprint competition.

All four forest orienteering competitions (Competition Days 1, 2, 3 and 5) will be organized from one Arena (Virpimäki, 12km from both Seinäjoki and Lapua city centers). Previously, in this area has been arranged for example national night-orienteering championship. The terrain is an easy-to-go and varying South Ostrobothnian terrain. Sprint competitions will be organised in Lakeudenpuisto area (Seinäjoki “Center Park”)  next to Seinäjoki down town.

Cooperation with Fin5 there will be World University Orienteering Championship (WUOC 2018). WUOC 2018 is organized by Kuortane Olympic Training Center. Few WUOC competition will be organized simultaneously with Fin5 competitions. 

Schedule (subject to change)

Date Fin5 Arena WUOC
Sun 15.7.2018 1. Competition day (Middle) Virpimäki
Mon 16.7.2018 2. Competition day (Long) Virpimäki
Tue 17.7.2018  Rest day – Open cource orienteering
Wed 18.7.2018  3. Competition day (Middle) Virpimäki
Thu 19.7.2018  4. Competion day (Sprint) Kirkkokatu
Fri 20.7.2018  5. Competition day (Long) Virpimäki

Middle distance and Sprint according to Finnish Orienteering Federation (SSL) guidelines. Long distance breaks at the regular  lower limits.


Four forest orienteering races will be held one competition center, Virpimäki Arena. The arena is located in the middle of the terrain to be used, and therefore, each terrain has mainly own part of terrain. The terrain is easy-to-go and offers pleasant orienteering experiences.

Competition center of Sprint orienteering ( 4. Competition day) is in Kirkkokatu Arena. The sprint courses are mainly in “park-like” environment. Still some part of courses will be go to urban area.

Example of map in Virpimäki (1)

Example of map in Virpimäki (2)

Example of map in sprint.